Kim Hee Ae & Kim Hye Soo Wears Balmain To Colombo's 'Blooming Moments At Colombo' Event

South Korean actresses, Kim Hee Ae (김희애) and Kim Hye Soo (김혜수) attended Colombo's 'Blooming Moments At Colombo' event held at its flagship store in Seoul, South Korea on May 30, 2013.

Kim Hee Ae (김희애) opted for a double-breasted blazer with a pair of white skinny jeans from Balmain. Carrying a purple Colombo bag, her look was completed with a pair of Giuseppe Zanotti sandals. She's one classy lady on and off screen.

Kim Hye Soo (김혜수) opted for a slightly more eye-catching pair of skinny jeans. The Harlequin-Printed jeans was styled with a button blouse, black blazer and ridiculously high and chunky boots. While her white Colombo bag was quite a mismatched, she rocked those jeans.

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