Jeanette Aw & Felicia Chin Attend 2013 Star Awards Show 1

Singaporean actresses, Jeanette Aw (欧萱) and Felicia Chin (陈靓瑄) attended the 2013 Annual Star Awards show 1 held in Singapore on April 21, 2013.

Jeanette Aw (欧萱) was on my best dressed list alongside, Rui En (瑞恩). Her blush pink gown with a bare-back is from H&M's latest 'Conscious' collection.

Felicia Chin (陈靓瑄) was nicknamed the 'Jailbird' that evening, wearing a striped sequin chiffon jumpsuit from Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2013 collection. While I loved her confidence, she did not make it on my best dressed list.

Felicia Chin (陈靓瑄)'s jumpsuit retails for USD$7223.25 on Net-A-Porter.