Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lee Hyori Wears Givenchy & Rodarte To 'Jung Jae Hyung & Lee Hyori's You & I'

The gorgeous Lee Hyori (이효리) made sure Big Bang didn't steal her limelight during episode 3 of 'Jung Jae Hyung & Lee Hyori's You & I (정재형 이효리의 유&아이)' which aired on March 18, 2012.

Lee Hyori (이효리) was seen wearing an ensemble from Givenchy Resort 2012 collection. Her stylish outfit was styled with a pair of black sandals and stunning neon jewelries from Tom Binns.

More than her outfit, those jewelries were the highlight for me. They complimented her outfit so well! However I would prefer if she remove those earrings she wore. The necklace and bracelet were good enough.

During the rehearsal for episode 5 of the variety show, she was seen wearing Rodarte 'J'amie Rodarte' sweatshirt. A pair of black denim and boots to complete her outfit.

The sweatshirt is popular among Hollywood stars like Ciara, Dakota Fanning, Elijah Wood, Kanye West, Kristen Dunst and most recently worn by Rihanna. Shop the collection on Browns Fashion.


  1. ahhh love her and her outfit! it's great how she accessorizes and pairs things in her own way. that givenchy skirt...drool. 

  2. I really like the givenchy skirt. 

  3. It looked completely tacky, she can't dress for a living, seriously. Where is her stylist? Grandma fashion to the next level, to be quite honest.