Eiffel In Seoul Calendar: June 2011 Ver 1.0

May was yet another crazy month! Wrapped 64th Cannes Film Festival with stunning red carpet looks from Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰), Jeon Ji Hyun (전지현), Li Bing Bing (李冰冰), Tang Wei (汤唯), Zhang Zilin (張梓琳) as well as Zhang Ziyi (章子怡).

Then it was the 47th Baeksang Arts Awards which I'm sure most of you have taken part in the ongoing poll, 'Who was your best dressed at 47th Baeksang Arts Awards?'. Don't forget to vote if you have yet to!

Presenting to you June 2011's Calendar featuring Nana (나나) and Uee (유이) of After School in their June 2011 Vogue Girl Korea editorial photographed by Park Jung Min.

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