Sammi Cheng wears Emilio Pucci to Channel V Awards

Sammi Cheng (郑秀文) was also one of the many actors and singers who were present at 15th Global Chinese Channel V Award held in Chengdu, China on April 16, 2011.

The Cantopop singer wore a dress from Emilio Pucci Spring/Summer 2011, styling her look with a very interesting pair of tights and a pair of nude pumps.

I would really love to know the thoughts in Sammi Cheng (郑秀文) or her stylist's mind when she decided to put on the pair of tights. She tweeted on Weibo - "牛肉C蛙。設計師的精選。(紅色那個地帶就是牛肉)!", which means, Beef tights. Stylist's pick. (Red prints on the tights are beef.)

Does she not know the tights were a horrible match with such a stunning dress?! Way to destroy it. On a side note, I love the pair of nude pumps she wore. Would have been wonderful without the tights.