Saturday, May 14, 2011

Fan Bing Bing's Controversial Cannes Opening Ceremony Dress

Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰)'s stunning red gown with crane prints was definitely breathtaking at the 64th Cannes Film Festival opening, but that did not come without controversies.

The dress was designed 2 years ago by stylist and upcoming designer, Christopher Bu (卜柯文) and constructed within a span of four months along with 70 other workers. The hand-embroidered dress featured cranes and different patterns including plum blossoms, orchids, bamboo, chrysanthemum.

Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) had to go through a diet to fit the dress which was designed a size smaller to highlight her bodyshape.

"The fit was tight and I was awfully hungry, the movie theater was also stuffy. Halfway through the film, I had to go out and nearly fainted," says Fan.

A Shanghai French Culture forum noted that the crane is considered an evil animal in French culture. While the crane symbolizes good fortune and longevity in Chinese culture, the evil crane is a symbol of stupidity and immorality. In French, the word for crane, "grue", also means "slut" or "hooker". In view of this, the forum's editor said that this gown for the Cannes Film Festival was not the most appropriate choice. - Source: Yellow Cranes Tower,

Regardless of the controversies, I thought she looked wonderfully stunning. How many times do you see a celebrity wearing a traditional outfit of their own culture?


  1. Just as a French, the word grue is not really used anymore to  call someone a slut (we use a lot of other words). So I don't get the point of the forum here. To me there's no controversy ^^

  2.  screw all ridiculous culture.what no one talk bout her hair here?:O

  3. It's a beehive. 

  4.  I'm french too and the word "grue" is not controversial at all ! She looks amazing in that dress 

  5. OMG, the dress is so so so beautiful !! Wouldn't fit on me at all I know but I totally understand why she had to do a diet to wear this amazing dress ! I think I would do the same ^^'  She is so damn beautiful !!

  6. I don't like the top of it, the cardboard things on the breast area just looks out of place.

  7.  I'm French too and my reaction reading this was:"N'immmporte quoi!" (Nooonsense). No offence to you Wyelin, I just find these comments from the Forum ridiculous. As Inés said, nobody uses "grue " to say slut, and I can assure you that no French person in her right mind has the time to dissect the meaning behind a dress worn by a foreign celebrity. That's so far fetched. If there's any controversy, it has not taken place in France...

  8. I'm glad to see so many French readers are speaking out about it and how ridiculous the comment was. Thank You Mi. 

  9. OK, I'm a French (asian) too and don't know where is the controverse coming from?!? "crane/grue" = "stupid", "not really smart"; the french dictionary says it means "prostitute" but I don't even know that  O_o... and  it's a familiar word which means "belle-fille"= daughter-in-law

    This is just a stunning traditonnial dress with embroiding bird
    don't even heard about this controversy here
    not sure about the hair....