Fan Bing Bing & Gong Li attends Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011 Fashion Show

Last September, I read someone tweeted that fashion week is Halloween for all fashion lovers and it came to past at Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011 fashion show which was held on March 9, 2011 at Carree du Louvre.

Actress Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) turned up in Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2011 Re-Embroidered Iris Garden Satin Asian Dress with Clutch Galuchat Art Nouveau in Stingray, Ostrich Leather and Crystals. Finishing the look with some very long earrings and her favorite Louis Vuitton Platform Wedges from Fall/Winter 2008.

A red wig and Valentino and bordeaux lips at Louis Vuitton? Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) is definitely one who takes risks in fashion and dare to be different. Absolutely love the lace modification. I like how The Daily Telegraph Hilary Alexander describes her as Dita Von Teese of China, suits her perfectly.

Gong Li (巩俐) turned up in a suit from Louis Vuitton. Not to let Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) outshine her, she wore a revealing lace innerwear exposing her brassiere. Subtle yet sexy.

Fan Bing Bing (范冰冰) was a better dresser at the event, although I dislike her make up and choice of shoe. Gong Li (巩俐)'s outfit was way to boring, standing beside her.