Eiffel In Seoul Calendar: February 2011

February 2011 Calendar featuring Jessica of Girls' Generation

There were not many good editorials from the magazine for the month of February, so I was ecstatic when I was able to get quality images of Jessica's Singles editorial. That's probably the only editiorial I really liked for the month of February. (See post here)

A desktop version (1280x768) is also available for download since many of you requested for desktop versions. This is a layout from CANVAS which I thought was really pretty and nothing like the usual calendar layouts. (Click on image for high-resolution.)

As for the calendar template/layout, I didn't want to stick to the old and boring calendar layout.

February is a huge month for all fashion lovers including myself! It will be the month of Fashion Week starting with New York Fashion Week on the February 10 to February 17. London, Milan and Paris Fashion Week to follow.

Expect Korea-based designers like General Idea and Song Jung Wan (there may be more) to show at New York Fashion Week. Since the Wonder Girls are also in the US, they will probably make their appearance there too.

Not to forget, Happy Lunar New Year to all my Chinese readers!

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