Tuesday, January 4, 2011

JYJ to endorse 'NII'

One of Korea's hottest boyband, JYJ is set to endorse clothing brand, NII. Signing an exclusive contract with them, the advertisements would be released mid-January revealing a fresh new look from JYJ.

Big Bang, CN Blue and Yoon Si Yoon have previously modeled for NII. I'll be looking forward to the release of the advertisments as I'm really curious to how they would look in hoodies, sweaters and really casual colorful clothes as opposed to suits etc..

JYJ will make comeback with their new Korean album on January 15, 2011 (tentative).


  1. such a different feeling when i stare at CNBLUE and BIGBANG pictures :D

    btw,im glad they choose JYJ. 2011 are gonna be a great year for JYJ after all the hards time they had gone through :)

  2. i am actually interested to see what it will look like. they don't seem to fit the sporty look to me but i am excited to see a different side of them.