2NE1 wears Yoshiko Creation Paris in 'To Anyone'

Just a few days before the New Year I was on my usual hunt for anything that 2NE1 wore and to my surprise I found out who designed those earrings which they wore in 'To Anyone'.

It's none other than Japanese designer label, Yoshiko Creation Paris (stylized as YOSHiKO CREATiON PARiS). If you didn't know, Lady GaGa have been sporting Yoshiko's designs too. It definitely didn't come as a surprise to me since 2NE1 stylists have friends in Japan like Mademoiselle Yulia etc..

The "Pierce" earrings retailed for 22,000¥ (approx. USD$270.90, xe.com). Unfortunately, Yoshiko Creation Paris have ceased production for this particular product. If it does reproduce, I promise you'll be the first to know!

[Update] They will be available in stores, February 2011!