Girls' Generation walks 2010 Melon Music Awards' Red Carpet

Girls' Generation/SNSD attended the 2010 Melon Music Awards on December 15, 2010. Like Golden Disk Awards, only eight of them were present with Tiffany absent.

SNSD usually dress up in either all black or all white outfits to award shows like Golden Disk Awards etc. Sometimes I do which they add more colors but upon seeing the photos at 2010 Melon Awards, I take back my words. I thought they look just a bit disorganized.

Seems like the members are taking turns to have their "Miu Miu Moment". Both Taeyeon (태연) and Jessica were dressed in Miu Miu Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

I wrote over Twitter how I dislike Taeyeon (태연)'s exposed lace bra. As for Jessica, she looks absolutely adorable in the dress but it seems the dress might have been too short for her, barely covered her bottoms. There's a reason why the model is in pants, Jessica or Jessica's stylist.

Soo Young (수영) was one of the reasons why I said they looked disorganized. She wore a blazer from Kaal E.Suktae Spring/Summer 2011 collection with silver lamé panels and neon green tank. Pairing it with Kaal E.Suktae slash pants from Fall/Winter 2010 collection.

Aside from Yoona (윤아)'s white dress, she was the only one in head-to-toe white. Either she was left out of the group or the attention was all on her. I guess the attention was all on her since most of the news sites has a full-length picture, both front and back. I love everything except for the pants.

I'm pretty sure you guys have figured out who designed the dress Yuri (유리) wore. The Kaal E.Suktae Fall/Winter 2010 dress was worn by Park Shin Hye (박신혜) as well as Kara's Gyuri (규리).

Yoona (윤아)'s dress, also from Kaal E.Suktae Fall/Winter 2010 collection was worn by After School's Raina. I'm not loving the white on Yoona (윤아).

My eyes literally hurts when I see the blondes in the group.
Hyoyeon (효연) wore an outfit from Kaal E.Suktae's latest Spring/Summer 2011 collection. I absolutely love the blazer which she wore, would love to own one myself. She looks great but if not for the disgusting blonde, she would be one of the best-dressed among the rest.

Seohyun (서현) is dressed in a lace outfit from Burberry Prorsum. I can't figure out if it's one-piece or separates. She was my worst dressed among the rest despite looking beautiful with her hairstyle.

Sunny's outfit isn't working for me, the striking neon puffy skirt doesn't match with the rest of the member's outfit but it sure suits her character.

My best dressed among them is Jessica. The ladies were all wearing the same ankle boots. Despite all the negative comments I wrote, I would choose them over 2NE1's outfit at 2010 Melon Music Awards, anyday. (SNSD 1-0 2NE1)

They were awarded '2010 Artist (Daesang)', '2010 Top 10' as well as '2010 Hot Trend' awards.

2NE1's post will be up shortly.