After School wears Lanvin for H&M in 'Happy Pledis'

Pledis Entertainment's girl group, After School makes their comeback with a charity album entitled, Happy Pledis in support of 'Save The Children' Organization. Check out what the girls were wearing in their promotional photos :

Kahi, the leader and oldest member in the group wore the blue satin dress from the collection. I finally saw it on a person, not a model. Unfortunately, the dress was poorly styled with only the gold heels and bracelet from the collection. I wished the stylist accessorized her outfit with the necklaces from the collection. Compared to the dress, this is boring.

Nana looked she she had a lot of fun turning in circles in the tulle dress. Wished she didn't lift her other leg so high, love her expression.

I would prefer if Uee wore the one shoulder dress in yellow, she would have stood out in the color. Aside from the earrings from the collection, her styling is the same as Ha Ji Won (하지원).

Both Raina and Lizzy were my favorites among all of them. Raina shines in the dress, the color suits her. I love how she didn't accessorized her look with the necklaces and still looked great. Seems like her embellished heels is styled with hot pink socks, they looked great!

Lizzy wore another of my favorite dress from the collection aside from the one shoulder dress. Love the bow in her burgundy hair, compliments the dress. She also appears to be wearing the magenta necklace from the collection.

Jung Ah's outfit was not working for me, maybe its has something to do with her pose. Like Lizzy, she wore the necklaces from the collection, in orange.

I thought Joo Yeon looked great but putting Irina Lazareanu side by side, her outfit seems a little boring. I would love to see her in those necklaces Irina wore.

Overall, the girls looked fantastic though some of them looks like they are going to prom. Not that wearing Lanvin for H&M to prom is wrong, it's a great idea. Afterall, they were going for a festive season look.