Stars attends Lanvin for H&M Launch Party in Seoul, Korea

Lanvin for H&M hosted it's Couture Fashion Show at The Pierre Hotel in New York yesterday to showcase customized dresses for the collection. The dress and 5 original sketches are now auctioned, all proceeds will go to UNICEF as part of H&M's All for Children project.

The people in Seoul, Korea aren't missing out on it either! Lanvin for H&M Launch Party was held on November 19, 2010 at Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel.

We saw Ha Ji Won (하지원), Lee Yeon Hee (이연희) and Min Hyo Rin (민효린) wearing Lanvin for H&M before the launch. Here are the stars, all decked out in Lanvin for H&M collection at the event.

Hwang Jung Eum (황정음) was dressed in a black dress with the silhouette of the floral dress (USD$249.00). Her look was styled with a bag (USD$49.95) and bracelet (USD$29.95) from the same collection. Black tights and pumps.

Total cost of outfit : USD$ 249.00 + 49.95 + 29.95 = USD$328.90

Son Dambi (손담비) copied the entire lookbook outfit. From the sheer jacket (USD$59.95) to the whimsical tunic top (USD$49.95), red pumps (USD$99.00), bag (USD$49.95) and lastly, bracelet (USD$29.95).

Total cost of outfit : USD$ 59.95 + 49.95 + 99.00 + 49.95 + 29.95 = USD$288.80

Kim Ha Neul (김하늘) like Son Dambi (손담비) also copied the entire lookbook outfit except for the sunglasses. The faux fur (USD$149.00), t-shirt (USD$39.95), white pleated skirt (USD$59.95), necklaces (USD$29.95 + 19.95) and black pumps (USD$99.00) were exact copy from the lookbook.

Total cost of outfit : USD$ 149.00 + 39.95 + 59.95 +29.95 + 19.95 + 99.00 = USD$397.80

Choi Ji Woo (최지우) wore the black dress with puffed shoulders (USD$99.00) with the necklaces (USD$49.95 + 19.95), tights and leopard pumps (USD$99.00).

Total cost of outfit : USD$ 99.00 + 49.95 + 19.95 + 99.00 = USD$267.90

I am really really glad she didn't overdo her outfit with those leather gloves.

Min Hyo Rin (민효린) wore the orange tulle dress (USD$249.00) with beige suede pumps from her personal collection. Unlike many others, she did not choose any accessories to go with her outfit.

Total cost of outfit : USD$ 249.00

I actually really like the previous dress she wore but the proportions weren't right. This time, she worked it. She looked absolutely stunning the the orange tulle dress. Definitely stood out from the rest who were wearing dull dark colors.

Kim Hyun Joong (김현중) who seems to be always dressed in suits for events and parties like this wore the dark blue suit (USD$149.00 + 59.95) with a top (USD$59.95), leopard bow tie (USD$29.95) and loafers (USD$79.95).

Total cost of outfit : USD$ 149.00 + 59.95 + 59.95 + 29.95 + 79.95 = $378.80

This is my first time seeing Lanvin for H&M menswear on a person (not model) and I must say the suits looked really good and best of all, it is so affordable if you compare the prices of menswear even with Topman. So if there's any guys who are reading and is contemplating on getting it, go for it! There's nothing to lose but everything to gain!

Hwi Hwang (휘황) opted for a casual look. Sporting a blazer (USD$149.00), leopard print t-shirt (USD$19.95), pants (USD$59.95) with purple loafers (USD$79.95).

Total cost of outfit : USD$ 149.00 + 19.95 + 59.95 + 79.95 = USD$308.85

Those pants looked like trackpants but I absolutely love those loafers. They reminded me of Christian Louboutin's shoes. Why pay $1000 and up for a pair of Louboutin when you can get something similar, still designer for only $79.95?!!! Now I want a pair myself, who cares if it's mens?! Get the smallest pair!

If I were given an opportunity to dress the Korean celebrities in the designs, my top picks would be Wonder Girls, Go Ara (고아라), Seo In Young (서인영) and Big Bang's T.O.P and many others.

I am going to be terribly disappointed since I won't be purchasing items that are on my wishlist in my closet because there's no H&M in my country. But I hope that everyone of you who are planning to get them will be happy with your purchases.

Lanvin for H&M collection goes on sale on November 20 in South America and November 23 in H&M stores worldwide. Please be reminded that prices may differ in countries and they are only available in selected stores.

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