Fleamadonna unleashes it's Spring/Summer 2011 Collection!

I'm sure most of you are no stranger to Korean label, Fleamadonna. Numerous Korean celebrities/idol like 2NE1, f(x), Wonder Girls and more have worn Fleamadonna designs to various occasions.

Fleamadonna recently released it's Spring/Summer 2011 collection and without further ado, presenting you the lookbook of the latest collection :

Although it's hard to see the details in every single piece of clothing, I'm sure they'll look great in person. I can already forsee the celebrities/idols wearing them! Very simple collection, absolutely love the skull leggings! However, I can't deny that some pieces looks like they are from Topshop. Yes, no?

We also got to asked Fleamadonna's designer, Jei Kim a few questions regarding her latest collection! Check it out :

1. What are the inspirations for this collection?
The theme of the collection is "In the Gloom of a Forest". I wanted to express a horror mood with cute and funny style (nothing scary), so I used details like heart, cute-looking skulls and musical notes. For instance, "MAD" written on the t-shirts. The idea was from the brand name, Fleamadonna.

2. What is your favorite piece in the collection?
The skull shirt and stripe t-shirts. I usually incoporate stripes in my outfit because it never goes out of style and it's cool!

3. Wonder Girls, f(x), 2NE1 have all worn your past collections before. Are there any celebrities you would want to see in Fleamadonna?
I love seeing them wear Fleamadonna. In Asia, I would love to see it on Faye Wong (王菲). I'm a huge fan of her although she's not popular in Korea. I drew inspiration from her looks and songs. I hope to see her wear Fleamadonna. She is my "Madonna".

Faye Wong (王菲) is an incredibly well-known Chinese singer in Asia. Those pictures above are from her recent concert held in Beijing/Shanghai. Reminds you of Lady GaGa, no?

Fleamadonna is available on Luisa via Roma and Pixie Market.