Tuesday, October 19, 2010

f(x) for Vogue Girl October

As the models for Calvin Klein Jeans, the trio from f(x) were featured in Vogue Girl October. The girls had smoky eye shadows and thick eye-liner for the shoot, check it out :

In all honesty, the shoot bores me. After seeing W Korea's shoot last month, which is much better, this comes off as nothing but bland and boring. Just 3 pretty girls modeling in simple clothes. Nothing stunning, and I would really like them to include Luna.

I also thought in some shots that the jeans were a little too tight, maybe a size or two smaller for them? Unflattering. No one wants their legs to suffocate either.


  1. I agree! those jeans really don't look flattering or good in general terms, not just on those girls. I'm not too sure if its the tightness or the wash, it just doesnt sell to me... the wash is a bit boring...

  2. got to agree with you. the jeans did look too tight. and they're legs looks so photoshopped but they are skinny anyways or is it just my eyes?