2NE1 vs. Rodarte?

I've contemplated a whole lot whether I should post about this and thought why not, it'll be interesting to see what the response would be.

As you all know, 2NE1 came back with a new full album in September. Instead of promoting 1-2 songs, they took up a challenge of promoting 3 songs (Can't Nobody, Clap Your Hands and Go Away). YG Entertainment released teaser photos of 2NE1 at their MV sets prior to their album release on YG-Life.

So guess what I noticed? The similarity in 2NE1's Clap Your Hands music video and Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010 collection.

No, it's not the clothes but the make-up. Rodarte Spring/Summer 2010 collection was all about tribal elements which I was deeply in love with. Upon seeing 2NE1's Clap Your Hands video and pictures, I have to admit I was disappointed. Blatantly copying them? Or simply following suit?

2NE1 are known for being the trendsetters instead of trendfollowers, which is probably what upsets me the most. Furthermore, they were much more interesting in fashion wise when they first debuted. What do you think? Leave comments!

Clap Your Hands was also my least favorite music videos, they look like they were trying too hard to create the "female gansta" look.