Numéro China #1 : Liu Wen

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I'm excited! The first publication for Numéro China is released, with gorgeous Chinese model, Liu Wen (刘雯)! I can't decide which cover is better, they give me different vibe!

Left Cover : Very strong, powerful and edgy.
Right Cover : Very oriental (my favorite).
Both Covers : Stunning and ravishing!

It was disappointing Numéro Korea ceased production, I hope Numéro China will last longer and give us great editorial and content!

If you haven't realise, I am beginning to feature more Asian models and celebrities recently and seems like there's quite a good response (leave comments if you dislike). I think it's great to share other Asian fashion and style with you guys and hear different opinions. The Koreans and Chinese styles differs quite a lot, sometimes I enjoy the celebrity-styles of the Chinese better and vice-versa. I get to see "high-fashion" in the Chinese much more than the Koreans. Tell me what you think? I'm enjoying posting both!