Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jay Park jumps onto Neil Barrett's Bandwagon

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I thought No Min Woo (노민우) would put an end to "Who wore Neil Barrett better?" poll.

On August 26, 2010, singer Jay Park attended Sidus HQ Charity Event wearing the same shirt which Big Bang's Tae Yang and No Min Woo (노민우) wore on different occassions. It's funny how there are tons of designers out there but their stylists choose to put them in something which been worn not once but twice. What do you think?

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The Neil Barrett Bretella Poplin Shirt retails for USD$282.50 on Luisa via Roma.

Big Bang's Tae Yang : Inkigayo - July 4, 2010
Actor No Min Woo (노민우) : Strong Heart Episode - August 10, 2010
Singer Jay Park : Sidus HQ Charity Event - August 26, 2010

Conclusion : The Bretella Poplin Shirt has to go into retirement immediately.


  1. I really love this shirt! Another shirt I found really interesting was the one Se7en wore on Golden Fishery

  2. Well I think they all look HOT in it lol.
    I dun mind if it is overworn cos I love all 3 of them ^^ (why hello No Min Woo u sexy thang who I just discovered recently <3 XD)

  3. No Min woo looks the best..

  4. i never heard of no min woo....
    and jay looks good in everything and ANYTHING
    so i will also agree it suits taeyang too only cuz taeyang is a bad dresser normally.. like the way he puts his hat and wears sweaters and his pants.. its sloppy.

  5. No Min woo looks the best..