Hwang Jung Eum starts an online shopping business

Nowadays, the celebrities and idols in Korea are taking up another job title as entrepreneurs and business man/woman. We've got Baek Ji Young and Yuri with IAmYuri, Kara with Karaya and T-ara with T-aradot.com, all online shopping malls/sites.

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Like them, actress Hwang Jung Eum (황정음) also recently started her own online business selling apparels, bags and accessories. Named after her, On Eum's apparels is modeled by Hwang Jung Eum herself and a few other models.

Although the apparels are similar to most online shopping malls sites, fans of Hwang Jung Eum gets an eye-candy treat! The actress looks absolutely gorgeous in these photographers. With her celebrity status, beauty and popularity, I'm pretty sure her business will do well just like the other celebrities.

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Definitely becoming a trend! Well, if you can earn more money, why not? What do you think?

Many of you have asked me if the sites ships overseas/internationally, I doubt they do but I have no confirmation on that.