Celebrities attends Gucci Novelty and Jew Launching Event

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Gucci recently launched its Jewelry line at Gangnam's boutique in Seoul, Korea.
The launching event held on July 6, 2010 attracted celebrities like Park Han Byul (박한별), model Song Kyunga (송경아), Lee Soo Kyung (이수경) and Oh Ji Eun (오지은) and Kim Ji Hoon (김지훈). (I deliberately missed out on the male star.)

Nothing especially stunning to highlight but I do love Park Han Byul's outfit, she has been consistent on red carpet. Afterall, the model/actress owns a clothing line herself!

Not a huge fan of Song Kyunga's look, those heels look too small on her. Definitely look her attitude, she looks like she's having a lot of fun!

Lee Soo Kyung and Oh Ji Eun kept their outfits matured and sophisticated.