Seo In Young wears Jasmine Di Milo

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Having release her latest book "Seo In Young shopping in Singapore", Seo In Young (서인영) recently released her first solo album entitled "Lov-Elly" since her depart from Jewelry.

And.. how could we miss out on the fashionista's outfits/garments?!
Seo In Young (서인영) wore a bustier from Jasmine Di Milo's Spring/Summer 2010 collection in one of her outfits from her latest album official photos.

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The Silk Georette Bustier Top from Jasmine Di Milo retails for USD $1297.80 $648.90 (-50%) on Luisa via Roma.

Seo In Young (서인영) styles the bustier with a white/beige lace dress which I thought it was interesting! The bustier definitely brings more drama with the hooked details. I love how it is styled in a non-provocative way.

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On a lighter note..
I have been watching the World Cup! Although I don't follow soccer much, I'm sucked into the wave~ and if you didn't know. South Korea or the Korea Republic won 2-0 against Greece! Yay for SK! Who else is watching? Hit me up with the country you're supporting!

PS/ England vs USA match coming up!!