Monday, May 31, 2010

Wonder Girls' Sunye hosts Music Core in Moschino

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In the latest episode of MBC Music Core, Wonder Girl's Sunye and Yubin as well as C.N Blue's Yong Hwa took the place of the usual SNSD MCs, Tiffany and Yuri.

Sunye sports a dress from Moschino's Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I'm glad Sunye did not accessorized the look like in the runway. On the other hand, I also wished she had a waist belt on her. I love the dress on Sunye and she looks absolutely gorgeous when she smiles. Way to go MC Sun!

If you didn't know, Sunye also wore a Moschino dress to Shanghai's Bazaar Charity event.. check it out if you have yet to!


  1. those look like close copies of the moschino version.. idk. the skirt has a different print- no watermelon?

    but she looks super cute ^^

  2. omg how pretty is that boys face???!
    he has a better complexion than the girls (with or without make-up!)

    lou xxx

  3. lol this is definitely a copy. not the exact
    and hehe, the guy looks prettier than the two girls!

  4. Leighton Meester wearing the dress:

    I think Sunye looks better in it.