Wonder Girls' Sohee wears Gerlan Jeans

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Sohee of the Wonder Girls is often known as the "fashionista" of the group. Recently, I happened to come across their album art as I was doing Ye Eun/Yenny's D&G post.

Despite not being a Wonderful or a fan of the Wonder Girls, I've come across blog posts and articles of Sohee wearing designer wear like Jeremy Scott, Kate Moss for TopShop, Henrik Vibskov, Bernhard Willhelm, Goyard and more.

So.. it does not come to me as a surprise to me that Sohee contributed ideas for the album. Who knows, she also picked outfits for Wonder Girls' album art?! Sohee is caught wearing Gerlan Jeans' body suit for their album art photographs. From Gerlan Jeans' Spring/Summer 2010 collection, the body suit features floral prints all over.

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I thought it was pretty interesting to wear a bodysuit over another bodysuit. Probably only Sohee could pull off the look in Wonder Girls. I would definitely not be caught dead wearing that outfit like how Sohee wears.

It'll be pretty interesting to debate over the recent Wonder Girls' comeback outfits as there were some questionable fashion items the girls were sporting.. what do you think?