Lee Hyori rocks Music Bank in Kokon To Zai

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Lee Hyori (이효리) once again put up a bangin' performance at KBS Music Bank on May 7, 2010. Although she did not win the Mutizen award, Lee was full of smiles.

Finally— wearing something different. Wondering why I said that? If you follow me on Twitter, you'll remember about me tweeting about how I was annoyed that Hyori's outfit are the same as the ones in her MV. I clearly remembered in an interview, it was said that Lee was given more than 50 outfits to choose from for her music video alone. Furthermore, she's the "Queen".

Enough said, let's move on..
Lee Hyori wore garments from Kokon To Zai Spring/Summer 2010. We've seen 2NE1, f(x) and 4minute wearing KTZSS10, so it's no surprise.

This is one of my favorite looks from her out of her come back outfits. The metallic pink suits the blonde so I'm not complaining about her hair. Furthermore, flaunting her amazing body figure + 6 pack is not what everyone can achieve in their life. Reminds me that I need to stop procrastinating about going to the gym!

Its undeniable that celebrities are moving on from Jeremy Scott's designs to Kokon To Zai. Designers Marjan Pejoski and Sasko Bezovski must be thrilled that so many Korean celebrities are wearing their design.

On May 9, Lee Hyori (이효리) reigned with triple crown on SBS Inkigayo.