Sunday, May 30, 2010

Celebrities love Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt

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Aside from Big Bang's Dae Sung who wore Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt, guess who else wore the adorable print shirt?.. No prize for guessing!

I was already expecting another member of YG Family or a member of 2NE1 to wear the Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt. If you didn't notice, Park Bom (박봄) wore the shirt while celebrating 2NE1's 1st Anniversary! The photo was uploaded by me2day-queen, Sandara Park (산다라박)!

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I am just wondering why would 2NE1's stylists pick such a an ugly print out of the rest.

Actor Kang Dong Won (강동원) was also spotted wearing Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt in an interview.. unforunately, we can only see that he styled the shirt with a cap.

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f(x)'s Sulli also wore the same top in the exact color as Kang Dong Won to a performance at Jang An University. Sulli accessorized her look with pearls which made her look even sweeter than usual.

Will we see more K-Celebrities/Idols in the same T-Shirt from Christopher Kane?

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The Christopher Kane's Face-Print T-Shirt is available on Net-A-Porter for USD$285 as well as Matches for USD$320.76.

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Seems like the celebrities stylist/coordi(s) have been shopping at the same place. We've seen Jeremy Scott and Kokon To Zai taking over the K-pop fashion world, will Christopher Kane make the mark?

Stay tuned for more Christopher Kane updates!!