Monday, April 12, 2010

Wonder Girls wears ..

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Earlier this year, the Wonder Girls released a make up line named after the group "WG by Wondergirls" by cosmetic brand, MU:UZ. Debuting with their newest member, Hye Lim.

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Hye Lim and Yoo Bin were seen wearing the exact pair of heel by Gucci which was worn by style blogger, Sea of Shoes's Jane Aldridge and her mum, Judy Aldridge of Atlantis Home.

Those Gucci heels are from its Spring 2009 collection. Available in various colors, jade, black, coral, blue, light pink and gold. Especially loving the light pinks! Retailing from US$508.00 - US$ 534.24 on various sites.

"WG by Wondergirls"? Isn't it just like a celebrity putting their own name on a perfume? I'm no fan of Wondergirls but I don't deny their success. The girls do wear pretty awesome stuff (street wear, not stage outfits). The girls looking good in their solo shots for the cosmetic line, weirdly reminds me of Sulli's Vogue Girl photoshoot.

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The Wonder Girls will debut their first US album on May 15, 2010 and cross promote in both America and South Korea. Also embarking on a US tour, read more on

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