Wonder Girls hits Taiwan and Shanghai

The Wonder Girls were recently spotted in Taiwan and Shanghai for the promotional activities of their Chinese album. The girls were reported staying in luxurious Grand Hyatt where the press conference was also held at.

Besides, they appeared in several TV programmes like 100% Entertainment, 康熙來了(Here comes Kang Xi) where they were asked about their "first time" by Dee Hsu (Xiao S).

Following their 4D3N Taiwan stay, the girls were headed for Shanghai where they attended the Bazaar Charity Gala 2010 which was held on April 25, 2010. Stars like Li Bing Bing, Fan Bing Bing, Halle Berry and Vivian Hsu were in attendance.

Check out the photos of the girls looking really gorgeous, in no order of events :

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Sohee rocking in black, carries Balenciaga + Alexander Wang boots. Might have just developed a crush on Yubin (I'm kidding), girl looking really good in red hair + rocking the aviators! Loved her outfit, wished she threw away those disgusting purple tights. Yenny could have looked better, her skin is glowing! The other girls should have helped her with those gifts she's looking like an ahjumma.

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Nothing special about their outfits at the press conference held in Taiwan.

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Yubin rocking the red carpet along with Sunye, Yenny wears the incredible over worn Diane von Furstenberg Josun strapless mini dress.

Some outfits are pretty questionable.

PS/ No grudges with Hae Lim, just didn't know what those say about her.
___Overall, the girls are looking great.