Stars attend Jeremy Scott's party in Seoul!

Few days before the party, I was really stoked and excited about seeing 2NE1 on the red carpet of Jeremy Scott's party in Seoul.. looking forward to what they wear.

Of course we all know that the girls will be drenched in Scott's label but little did I know it was so.. overwhelming. Yes, overwhelming. Its almost bizarre! Despite constantly following and lovin' what they wear, they have definitely let me down since their "Try To Follow Me" MV (besides CL wearing McQueen).

Let's put fandom aside and focus solely on their fashion-sense.
Seriously? The stylists of 2NE1? The only one looking good among the 3 girls is Bom. Always looking chic and lady-like. Whereas Dara looks like a traffic light.. thats right, yellow red and green. And CL? Simply a mess! Those KTZ heels were probably the main reason for mess. CL always wear glasses that make her already very small nose even smaller. Even you think I'm wrong, take a look at this picture :

I find it ridiculous how someone can say.. CL can pull it off well.
Seriously? You may hate me for saying whatever I've written but that's just my opinion which you may or may not agree.

2NE1 were the main celebrities who attended the event but let's not forget the others!

Seo In Young (서인영), Lee Chun Hee (이천희), Marco and lastly, Kim Joon (김준).
Keen on what Seo In Young is wearing? Stay tuned!

2NE1 with their stylists, G-Dragon and of course Jeremy Scott.

2NE1's cover for HIGHCUT magazine which I'm sure lots of exclusive are inside.

And lastly, party pictures from the event.
Many thanks to Lyn for tipping me, 2NE1's DCinside Gallery as well as Kaipaparazzi!

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