SFW : Suecomma Bonnie F/W 2010 Presentation

Its been almost a month since Seoul Fashion Week 2010 was held.
I mentioned that I was going to update on the collections but I didn't receive the photos until recently. I apologize for the delay but its definitely worth the wait! First off, one of my favorite shoe designers based in Seoul.. *drum rolls* .. Suecomma Bonnie by Bonnie Lee.

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Suecomma Bonnie presentation was held on the fourth day of Seoul Fashion Week —March 29, 2010. The Fall/Winter collection signature feature was the flowers/petals designs on the stilettos which reminds me of Spring.

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Many thanks to Crystal for sharing the images with Eiffel In Seoul.
Ranging from open toes to t-bar heels and ankle booties, Suecomma Bonnie heels features flowers which is sure to be the main focus during Fall season. Who knows it might be the next "statement necklace heels"?!Definitely a look-out on the red carpets.

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Like Louboutin, Bonnie heels also features red sole.
The first heel on the left reminds me of the Gucci Venus Heel. Instead of all black, there's a tinge of purple which brightens up the shoe —one of my favorites in the collection.

How can we miss out on the "bling blings" in the collection?
The presentation was styled with flowy satin pink/grey dresses to make the heels stand out, thus not overpowering the shoe designs. The glitter heels were definitely a stand out in the collection.

I'm not a huge fan of glittery heels because sometimes they turn out to look really tacky but I'm in love with the pumps above (above middle). Really girly and feminine, would love to see them on the members of 4minute, think Sohyun or even the members of Girl's Generation.. Jessica, Taeyeon etc..

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Beside the ladies' heels, Bonnie Lee also feature men's loafers.
The mens get to wear Bonnie heels shoes too! The studded white loafer and snake skin print were one of the few designs.

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Here are some of the shoes taken back stage. Loved the champagne colored heels with grey flowers, another favorite in the collection.

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Celebrities like Gong Hyo Jin (공효진), Lee Hye Young (이혜영) and others were present to view the collection.

Take a closer look at the shoes in the collection :

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What do you think about the collection?

Flagship store at Chungdam
T 82.2.3443.0217 / F 82.2 3443. 0218
1F, 96-1 Chungdam Dong Kangnam Gu Seoul
Email : bonnie@suecommabonnie.com
Suecomma Bonnie's eBoutique : Commab
Also available in Japan, China, France, Ireland and Netherland.