Monday, April 12, 2010

Jessica attends Son Jung Wan fashion show, wears..

Son Jung Wan (손정완) fashion show was the last show of Seoul Fashion Week. Attracting more than 10 celebrities to the show, Jessica Jung (정수연) of Girl's Generation/SNSD was one of the many who attended the show.

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Jessica wore a black top with a long pink skirt with vintage face prints which looks like it belonged to her grandmother, pairing with a waist belt. She completes her look with a pair of Burberry Leather Ankle Boots from Burberry Prorsum Fall 2009 collection. The 5 inches boots retailed for approx USD$744 on Net-A-Porter, sold out now.

I'm not sure how tall she is but I doubt she's 1.7m; would never put myself in those boots which look really heavy with the long skirt which looks really vintage. But I would rate the outfit 6 out of 10 stars, refreshing change from the rest of the celebrities + considering she's from Girls Generation.. always in hot shorts. I also like how her turquoise-green earrings shines in the outfit.

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Celebrities like Lily Collins, Amber Rose, Gwyneth Paltrow, Nikki Reed as well as Emma Watson have been seen wearing the same boots.


  1. Thanks a lot for the information! Those shoes are really interesting!

  2. came across this blog TODAY! & simply love it!

  3. I think that the outfit could have worked on a taller person or if the skirt was just a little bit shorter (~ mid-calf). As it is, the skirt seems to be dragging her down...

    It would also be a better if she had a different hairstyle on. The shoes are quite strong so a darker/edgier hairstyle/make-up could complement it well.

    By the way, you are making a really good job on this blog! You really do have an eye for identifying fashion items. Big up to you girl!!

  4. @Mi
    Thank you! I agree with you it could have worked on a taller person etc..