CL wears Alexander McQueen

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I was totally not expecting this!
Yes, do not blink your eyes! 2NE1's CL is wearing one of Alexander McQueen's last work! His Spring 2010 collection's Reptile Print Silk Dress that retails for £2,845.00!

Why was I not expecting?
1. 2NE1 is an idol group. I wouldn't be surprise if Lady GaGa wears it.
2. I didn't expect YG Entertainment to spend £2,845.00 (approx USD$4,323) on a dress which they would probably wear at most 5 times. Whether its rental or not.

Here are also the reasons why she could be wearing McQueen :
1. 2NE1 were seen wearing McQueen's designs before.
2. Well, its 2NE1.
3. It could very well be a magazine's photoshoot.. Vogue? Bazaar? ELLE?
4. 2NE1's style wise is unlike any other idol groups. Thanks to Yang Seung Ho and Lee Hyun Jung.

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I wouldn't expect ANY idol groups to wear Alexander McQueen (at least not the dresses). This also tells us to NOT EXPECT or underestimate 2NE1's stylist! From the picture, CL carries the dress nicely with a statement necklace. If it was for a magazine, I wouldn't be surprise. Considering most dresses for shoots are on loan. We just gotta stay tuned to what 2NE1 is up to!

Here's what Dara wrote in the caption:

[From Allkpop]
“Ta-ta! Isn’t it cool. We are filming now! It’s a cool concept. It has been 11 months since our debut… wow…11 months~ heehee~ Will you still love us 11 years later? Promise!!”

Actress Anna Paquin also wore the exact dress on January 23, 2010 to the 16th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards. Both of them looked amazing in it!

What can I say? I LOVE IT!
I thought 2NE1 fashion styles were rather "meh" nowadays but this got me hyped!