Who wore Kaal E.Suktae better?

Wondering who else wore Kaal E.Suktae? Yes, Seo In Young and Lee Si Young.. even better! In the exact dress on different occasions.. as well as After School's member Raina!

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Seo In Young (서인영) first wore it to the 2009 Style Icon Awards.
The strong shoulder blazer caught my attention ever since but failed to identify the designer. But now I do! Seo In Young completes the outfit with her favorite YSL Trib Two pumps.

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Lee Si Young (이시영) also wore the outfit in her latest drama, Birth of the Rich episode 01. While Seo In Young kept her accessories minimal, Lee Si Young wore it with a statement necklace.

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After School's newest member, Raina was also seen wearing Kaal E.Suktae for their 2nd Album. Well, in a different color.

Who wore it better?
It was pretty easy choosing better Seo In Young and Lee Si Young since I dislike Lee's hair + necklace, some mess over there.

I'm absolutely in love with E.Suktae's work.
When I first saw it on Seo In Young, I even thought it was by Victoria Beckham because of the zip on the back of the blazer (see Lee Si Young, above). Its unfortunate I got to know the label so late, but just in time for Seoul Fashion Week!

E.Suktae will launch his Fall/Winter collection, "The Comics" this coming Seoul Fashion Week on March 28, 2010. If you're unsure of where to see his collection, Eiffel In Seoul will provide you with updates!

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