Who wore it better? Han Ji-Hye or Lee Bo Young

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Han Ji-Hye (한지혜) was first seen wearing Diane von Furstenberg's Epanalia Metallic Gown to the 14th Pusan Film Festival which was held on the October 8, 2009. Looking absolutely gorgeous! I dare say she's the best dressed at the event.

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Wondering who else wore it?
Its Lee Bo Young (이보영) or Lee Shin Mi in the drama, The Birth of the Rich. In both episode 1 and 2 of the drama, Lee Shin Mi wears the Epanlia Metallic Gown by DvF to the company's dinner.

So the big question : Who wore it better?
It's really a tough call! Both of them look absolutely gorgeous! Really dislike Lee Bo Young's earrings as they look rather heavy for the look but I also prefer her hairstyle to Han Ji-Hye's. So the choice is yours, vote away!

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The Epanalia Metallic Gown features an asymmetric neckline and a waist band. Of course, the silver metallic looks x9894351 times better than the lamé gold dress you see on the runway. Retailing for $2,726.46 $1,098.36 on matchesfashion.com.

If you're looking for the perfect night gown and have the means to get it, I suggest to get it. The dress is drop-dead gorgeous! It looks good on both actresses, and I'm sure with the right styling and accessorizing, you'll look awesome in it. This is one of my favorite looks from red carpet/drama scene.

Stay tuned to more updates of the drama!