Part 1 : After School wears..

If you've been following the blog, you would have realised that I have been introducing a number of Korean designers. As the site is 80% Korean media-based, it only makes sense that I also feature the Korean designers instead of the foreign designers (New York, London etc..). I wanted to do this before Seoul Fashion Week starts so.. let's go, playgirlz you'll like it!

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After School is set to make a comeback at the end of March (24-27 March thereabouts) with a new member, Lizzy. Recently, I come acrossed a few Korean designers and spotted After School wearing their garments of their 2nd Mini Album— Because of You (released late last year). This is just the first part of it, so stay tuned to Part 2 which would be released later.

So I first introduce Kaal E.Suktae on allkpop where the KARA girls were wearing his garments. Guess what! After School also wore it! Or more specific, After School's Raina and Joo Yeon.. in their second mini-album art.

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Do you think the oufit is familiar?.. someone else wore it before?
Its Seo In Young and Lee Si Young in the previous post!

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Joo Yeon wore the top from Kaal E.Suktae, the gorgeous skirt would be revealed in Part 2! I love the top, its not common. Its unconventional and interesting. If there was a chance for me to be dressed in it why not?

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I believe the new concept for their comeback are like the Guards in London or a military band. Scots Guards, Welsh Guards, Grenadier Guards, London Military Band.. whatever it is. Here are reference :

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Pretty interesting huh? We've seen cheerleadings and what not, this is fresh!
But if you know me, I'm not a fan of idol groups sticking to a certain concept like cheerleaders and wearing school uniform. I prefer an ever-changing outfit, think 2NE1, Davichi, 4Minute. Groups that doesn't wear outfits that, one look you'll know its "Stage Outfit". I prefer outfits that you can also wear when you're on the streets, I think you get what I mean.

Be sure to catch the comeback of the girls with a "Bang"!