Bae Doo Na wears Fendi for Air Doll Press Conference

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Actress Bae Doo-na (배두나) attended the press conference/preview for her movie, Air Doll. The Japanese film directed by Kirokazy Koreeda is set for a Korean-release on April 8, 2010.

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Bae Doo-na wore Fendi Spring 2010's outfit as well as those sky-high Tulle-embellished suede sandals in blush, adore to death! Retailing for £837.39 (1,249.80 USD) on Net-a-Porter (as well as the black suede sandals). Taking the look off from the runway, she wore the Sheer appliqué cotton blouse with the cute Paperbag mini skirt (unfortunately, sold out) which is retailing on Net-a-Porter for £316.35 (472.15 USD) and £460.56 (687.40 USD) respectively.

Her entire outfit cost approx. 2409.35 USD, about 2,752,922.30₩.
Absolutely love how she styled the heels differently from the runway. Although I wished she used a waist belt, I really love how she looks on a whole. While she goes cute on her outfit, she does her make-up darker than usual with eyeliner together with nude lips.

Don't forget the to catch the movie based on a Yoshiie Gōda's manga about an inflatable doll that falls in love and develops a soul on April 8, 2010! Read more about the plot here.