Celebrities wears Versace to 4th Asian Film Awards

As part of the 4th Asian Film Awards' official Luxury Fashion Sponsor, Donatella Versace presented the Best Costume Designer Award for film, "Face". Of course, wearing her own modified version no less, she also brought alot a gang of Versace Goddess with her.

Celebrities like Gao Yuan Yuan (高圆圆) and Sandrine Pinna walked the red carpet of 4th AFFA while others (not too sure who they are) attended the Versace dinner with Pansy Ho (何超琼) and Zhang Yi Mou (张艺谋).

Besides that, Donatella Versace unveiled her Spring/Summer 2010 collection at Joyce Boutique on March 23, 2010. Donatella Versace photographs with Joyce Boutique's president Andrew Keith together.