Alice in Wonderland Costume Sketches

The challenge of designing costumes for a timeless classic like Alice in Wonderland is to create something distinct and new—Academy Award winner Colleen Atwood, the costume designer for Tim Burton's in-theaters-tomorrow film, aimed to veer as far as possible from the standard-issue Halloween-costume Alice. “I was running in the other direction from that,” Atwood told WWD. “I got to do all these new things I hadn’t done before."

With the help of extensive hair and makeup, along with live-animation techniques and digital enhancement, the result is larger-than-life (see: The Red Queen's forehead). Here are the sketches and final look of three of the main characters.
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FLARE's 5 reason to catch Tim Burton's Fairytale :

1. The Queen of Hearts. Just listening to the ways Helena Bonham Carter delivers the line “off with their heads” will give you nightmares. Whether she deadpans the vicious order or gives it a gutteral roar, the British actor’s dialogue delivery is nothing short of ferocious.

2. The make-up palettes. From Anne Hathaway’s phantom-white cheeks and Bonham Carter’s blood-red lips or Mia Wasikowska’s pinky blush and Johnny Depp’s marmalade-stained eyeshadow, expect some serious maquillage.

3. The costumes. The finest frock of the flock is Alice’s red, white and black Galliano-esque dress (think Dior’s Fall ’06 show) bequeathed to her by the Queen of Hearts.

4. The effects. The movie’s visuals are a real milestone for Tim Burton. Rather than the murky, glossy gloth seen in past movies such as Batman Returns and Edward Scissor Hands, Alice In Wonderland is a vibrant, rainbow-hued affair that punches a burst of colour in every scene.

5. The floating feline. The Chesire Cat is the only animated character in this film that’s really worth the ink. Voiced by the spooky Stephen Fry, the smoky kitty’s wise words will have you reeling.

Have you caught Alice In Wonderland? If not, what are you waiting for?!