Why no Celebrities on NYFW's spotlight?

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The stars of New York Fashion Week? Jessica Biel. Kate Bosworth. Kim Kardashian. Elisabeth…Hasselbeck??? A weak showing, considering just a few seasons ago Anne Hathaway, Chloë Sevigny, Ashley Olsen, and Milla Jovovich graced a single front row.

When I wrote that story on how much celebs get paid to sit in the front row at fashion week, I also mentioned that some designers–Marc Jacobs in particular–would be toning it down when it came to the amount of star power in the front row.

Is tabloid fodder a thing of the past for designers?

Probably not. Just this past January, the couture shows in Paris welcomed Kanye West and girlfriend Amber Rose, Anne Hathaway (again) and even Tina Turner! Here are the real reasons celebs weren’t around:

1. The snow. There were virtually no famous people–unless you count New York-based socialites–at the shows last week. That’s probably because quite a few flights were canceled for Tuesday and Wednesday. A few stars surely pulled out.

2. Designers couldn’t afford to pay them. The recession had a delayed affect on the fashion industry. That means spending $500,000 on a row of famous people wasn’t in the cards for many this year.

3. Style bloggers are more compelling than actors. People who read about fashion are more interested in Tavi than Eliza Dushku these days.

For the celebs who were around, attention was plentiful. Good for you, Michael Douglas!

Great article to sum up on why there isn't much celebrity movement this NYFW!