Kim Nam Joo wears Victoria Beckham to MBC Drama Awards

Kim Nam Joo (김남주) walked the red carpet of MBC Drama Awards wearing my favourite designer, Victoria Beckham's Perrault dress with Morocain/Sequin Shoulder Pad Embroidery from her Fall '09 collection. Kim Nam Joo opted for a velvet ribbon instead of the waistband.

The designer herself wore it to 17th Annual Elton John Aids Foundation Party on February 22, 2009. Supermodel Elle Macpherson who is a huge fan of Victoria Beckham's dresses wore the dress to a dinner held by Prince Charles at the Dumfries House in Scotland.

It was a tough call to choose between all but if I really had to, I would have to go with the designer herself. Well, who better to wear her collection than the designer herself? Furthermore, I really like emerald ring, waist band and lesser accessory compared to Kim Nam Joo. Victoria Beckham also had a neater hairstyle compared to Elle Macpherson.

The Queen of Housewives actress was awarded the Top Excellence Actress at the award show, congratulations!