Zac Posen x Target

A couple of weeks ago, Zac Posen announced the launch of his lower-priced line, an increasingly common business strategy for young designers in the recession. After the label cut the position of vice-president of communications, rumors of more layoffs persisted, further abetting questions surrounding how well-off the label is financially. However, Posen has a new strategy to reach an even wider consumer base than he might with the $78 T-shirts from his lower-priced "urban hipster" Z Spoke line: a Target collection, yet another increasingly common business strategy for young (and old) designers in These Times.

Target treats these lines like top secret matters of the state (because, you know, chaos would ensue if bloggers or the general public knew what a designer Target dress looked like three months in advance), so not many details are available yet. It's unclear what Posen's inspiration is or how much the line will cost, but we do know the line will be available in stores April 25 through May 30.

From NYMag

Besides having Zac Posen, Rodarte's Target line will drop next month and Jean Paul Gaultier's would hit the stores next. Aren't you exxxxcited?! Because I am!!