Melon Music Awards Red Carpet - Part 1

The first ever Melon Awards held on the 16 December which brought out stars like Jang Geuk Suk, Park Shin Hye, 2PM, 2NE1 and many other celebrities.

2NE1. Let's be frank, when the girls first started out they were bangin' and different. Their styles were nothing like any other girl groups in Korean. And swiftly picked up titles like “best dressed” artistes and were awarded Style Icon Awards. I was quickly smitten by both their style and music.. but now, their “style” have become something boring. Don't get me wrong, I still love them!.. but whatever they are wearing above, are something they have worn before (MAMA). I'm always looking forward to what they are going to bring to the table and this is just a disappointment. The girls are definitely able to put out much more than this.

On a happier note, I really liked what Sandara Park is wearing. Very bold I must say, girlfriend definitely has the body for such a revealing dress! Together with Park Bom, they were braving the cold winds in Korea! The girls did not have an outfit change but rather a heel-to-sneaker change.

Brown Eyed Girls. Really like what the girls are wearing on the Red Carpet, especially Ga-In! The clutch was of no need, Ga-In was already rocking the outfit alone! I wished Jea wore ankle boots instead, to show off her legs like Ga-In. Not lovin' Sign's outfit as much as Abracadabra but they were lookin' great. Narsha is definitely rockin' the full latex outfit with her incredible body figure just like the rest of the girls. Those bold shoulder embellishments on Ga-In definitely brought drama to her outfit.

SNSD/Girl's Generation. Red Carpet outfits were very Chanel. The ladies spices things up when they wore black leather outfits with boots for Chocolate Love's performance. They then soften things up wearing corset/lingerie like tops with black skinnies for Gee and Genie's performance.

Kara, they were disappointing. I thought the girls would dress better for the Red Carpet. They looked so good for Honey's performance in leather outfits and bold shoulders, but something that was re-worn (MAMA). They were in their usual stage outfits for Mister's performance.

Like how the usual Super Junior would wear, in black suits. But this time, just 5 out of the 13 members. The guys still look suave. Just didn't understand why Eun Hyuk is dressing differently from the others..

2PM. Weather appropriate outfits might not be Red Carpet appropriate. Just what on earth is Nichkhun and Wooyoung wearing?.. those pants are definitely not suited for the lovely boys. Probably someone like G-Dragon would get off the hook wearing such hideous pants!

What do you think? Stay tuned to part 2!
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