Golden Disk Award Part 1

The 24th Golden Disk Award2PM, Super Junior, SNSD, SHINee, 4minute, Baek Ji Young, Tiger JK, Tasha, Lee Si Young, T-ara, Davichi, Kim So Eun were some of the attendees. Here's a compilation of what the celebrities wore and some of my opinion of their dressing. But before that, here are some ground rules I laid for Red Carpet events thats happening in Korea/Seoul.

As we all know, or I know.. Koreans they love FUR. It may look luxurious but sometimes adding fur can be a little tacky. I hate to see fur on the Red Carpet. Its just like Heidi Montag carring a 50cm Haut à Courroies Hermès Birkin.

Another favourite, leggings/stockings. They LOVE to wear stockings/leggings to almost every single event from Red Carpet to Stage outfits. Don't ask me why, its not a question that I can easily answer. I'm still wondering why they love it so much. Well, I HATE IT. YES HATE. Female celebrities should flaunt their legs instead of wearing leggings/stockings. What's there to cover up? Bruise?.. 90% of the time you get a bruise on your leg? I don't think so.

Stage outfits? One good example would be .. Check out the rest of the post.

2PM. As a whole, a group. They dressed well.
But leather jackets are another no on the Red Carpet. But because they are in a group and they are 2PM, I shall let them off this one time. They should have switch their stage outfits and RC outfits.

SHINee. I love it, these boys know how to werk those PVC pants like no other. And they are in suits too.. just not simple plain suits. Yes, they pulled off stage outfits well.

Super Junior. I don't know whether should I love it or not. Hate those white skinnys..

4minute. THEY ARE ALL-OVER-THE-PLACE. Someone fire their stylist!
I've so much to say about their outfits from one member to another. Don't hate on me but this is how I feel.. Hyunah - No, GaGa style ain't working for you. You don't get a babydoll-top and style them with extremely short satin pants.. its not the first time we heard her wearing something really short. Maknae Sohyun - She looks like she's pregnant! Leader Jihyun - Victorian style just doesn't fits.. just look at what the others are wearing. Jiyoon - Yes for the top, no for the bottom. Just some ridiculous unflattering pants. She should switch heels with Hyunah. Lastly, Gayoon.. probably the only presentable one. Just a little boring. A belt would make a huge difference.

SNSD. My first reaction was, ANGELS. I'm sure many of you think the same way as I do. Sunny looks the best to me as she pairs her outfit with nude pumps.

T-ara. Example of why Stage Outfits should never never appear on Red Carpets.
Fashion police should ban them from appearing on the Red Carpets for the next 6 months.

Stay tuned to individuals such as Baek Ji Young, Kim So Eun and many more!~