Coats for Winter, Fleamadonna?

As you all may or may not know, its the Winter Season in Korea right now and Cosmopolitan posted a spread on Coats for their December issue. What caught me was not about the coats but the feature clothing in the spread. Yes, one of my favourite brands. Fleamadonna. Cosmopolitan featured 2 of Fleamadonna's leggings which was worn by the member of 2NE1. (Revised Pea Coat/British Coat) Besides that, the styling was amazing. Though I do not know how winter weather feels like (Tropical Climate, summer all year long.. my entire life!) I would love to experience how it is in Winter including the coats and layering.

If you're living in a country that's currently in winter season, remember to wear more, stay warm and still be chic!