Sandara Park wears House of Holland to Mnet 20's Choice Award

Its been awhile since I bring 2NE1 posts to you guys, here it is!

Remember 2NE1's performance at Mnet 20's Choice Award? Sandara is sporting some ferocious design hot shorts, flaunting her beautiful legs, very rare of Dara! Interesting Zebra prints with.. not the usual black & white but hot pink and orange. Its from House Of Holland's Spring 2008 Collection!

Personally love the color palette of the shorts alot! Looking for it? I doubt you can find it, since its back from the 2008 Collection. But you may wanna try eBay or Google it!

Attention Blackjacks!
I've got great news for you. Remember 2NE1's "Pretty Boy" performance on Inkigayo?
With those sick shoes, belts and outfits? I've got a few things covered! Stay tuned to Eiffel In Seoul this 2 weeks for it! You definitely do NOT want to miss! While the girls are working hard on their album, Eiffel In Seoul is also working hard on squeezing more 2NE1 posts!