Suffocated by Andrea Buso

Magazine: Numéro Korea December 2009
Editorial: Suffocated
Photographer: Andrea Buso
Model(s): Shin Min Ah (Actress)

Shin Min Ah (신민아) to me was never a great model.. probably still not.
She have been the face of many Ad Campaigns throughout the year, you can google that. To put it simply, she was boring to me. But Numéro Korea December proves me wrong. The team at Numéro turned her 360 degrees from the soft-girly girl image into someone "FIERCE"! With dark eye make up and attitude to complete the military-concept.

Additional images from the shoot :

Thank god the additional images weren't added. Else I would have thought there's a scar or something on her mouth thats why she used her hand to cover.. Maybe there really is, who knows?!