Condolences to Daul Kim

So sad to find out that 20 year old model, Daul Kim, hung herself. Modelling looks glam but is a tough & lonely business with long hours.

- Lisa Tant, Editor-in-Chief of Flare, Canada's fashion magazine

Really just so sad. Words cannot express.
RT @fashionursta @mrjoezee can you believe that Daul Kim is dead? So tragic!

- Joe Zee, Creative Director of ELLE Magazine, Stylist, Fashion Loudmouth, Backup Dancer

“김다울양의 명복을빕니다 다울아 부디편히쉬렴 기도할께 안녕..”
I say my peace about Miss Daul Kim. Daul, may you rest in peace. I will pray for you. Farewell... Goodbye..

- Daul Kim's friend, Kwon Jiyong/G-Dragon/GD/Big Bang Leader
GD stayed with Daul during his brief trip to Paris in May. (5.6.09)

“다울아 행복해야해”
Daul, you have to be happy.

Hyuk Soo also commented on GD's cyworld : “I can't believe it/this.”

- Daul Kim's friend, Model Lee Hyuk Soo/Lee Soo Hyuk

Minihompy's headline "Goodbye" and a brief message "You will be sorely missed."

- Daul Kim's friend, Model Hye Park

Daul Kim is also close friends with 2NE1's stylist, Danny Lee Hyun Jung and Yang Seung Ho.
Pictures from I Love You Magazine.