Remembering Daul Kim

In her recent editorial beauty shoot for Ten Magazine..

26 October 2009

so many times
i almost jumped but didn't

19th October 2009
Say hi to.... sophie's world

im reading this book sophie's world by yoyustein geieger (omg cant spell reading in korean)
it reminded me when i was a child
that day i thought for the first time
who am i
where is god from
where do i go after i die
and that first night i got so scared. i still remember being crawled up in my bed. and i couldn't sleep.
when i become a mother one day
i want to hold my child close to my arms and make her feel secure.
and explain to her about things like this in a reassuring way when she asks.

Daul was beautiful.
She was intellectual and intelligent, she was inspiring to many.
Daul was honest, she spoke freely on death and self harm.
She was unique and different.
The ones that inspire us can be so empty inside.