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Minzy's outfit to 'Please Don't Go' performance at Inkigayo

CL & Minzy's outfits at Inkigayo (29th November).
Check out CL's outfit here in the previous post!

Modified Ground Zero's Black and White Zig Zag Cape, sold out on for USD$195. Someone please tell me does this remind you of legos?

Jeremy Scott's F/W 09/10 Collection Phone Leggings which I ♥!
The red leggings made Minzy's outfit really stand out and not stick to a dull colour. Retails for USD$277.70 on!

Jeremy Scott x Adidas Originals 3 Tongue in Black & White.
Aren't these sneakers to die for? They have a whole collection of them which only make us blackjacks envious of! Retails for USD$328.72 on

Giza Tokyo by Mademoiselle Yulia
Giza Badges which retails for USD$8.00 in various colours!
I'm sure the stylists of 2NE1 are supporting their friend, Yulia! Not just 2NE1, Big Bang have also been sporting Giza's designs.

Lastly, the very "dangerous" accessory attached to Minzy's vest which I ♥. Its so cute. Seen on Big Bang's Leader, G-Dragon and also Actress Lee Ji Ah.

Gong Li for Cosmopolitan December

Cheers to fashion, welcoming the Chinese-Fashion to you!
I've mentioned before on Twitter that I wanted to feature articles on Chinese-Celebrities and it was a great opportunity today when I stumbled onto Gong Li's (巩俐) editorial in Cosmopolitan China. She looks way amazing! I love the blue dress she was wearing, shows over her curvy body. Amazing is such an understatement!

CL's outfit to 'Please Don't Go' performance at Inkigayo

Here's Part 1 with what CL was wearing at SBS Inkigayo on the 29th November. Performing to "Please Don't Go" with maknae (youngest) Minzy.

Hellz Bellz - Love Bites Graphic Tee, retails for USD$36.
I'm not a big fan of Hellz Bellz clothing, which is probably why it has not surfaced on Eiffel In Seoul but they have nice graphic tees. Stylists of 2NE1 modified the tee to a crop tee revealing CL's body.

On the other hand, I'm a huge fan of peplum skirts. And this Betsey Johnson x Opening Ceremony Cherries Peplum Skirt tells me I need to get one asap. Looks really good on Leader CL! The skirt retails for USD$210 on! I won't say its overpriced considering its Betsey Johnson!!

Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott
's 3 Tongue Sneaker which we have seen them wearing at MAMA. Definitely a good sneaker to invest!! Retails for $328.72 on

CL also wore latex leggings to complete her look.
What do you think of the look? For me, its 50/50. Average look for 2NE1, I dislike the crop top but everything's fine. Her hair is abit messy, she should have a high straight ponytail like what Park Bom usually have. Leave comments on your thoughts!!

Stay tuned to Minzy's outfit!!

Seo In Young wears Alaïa, head to toe

When I first saw Seo In Young (서인영) on the Red Carpet of Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA), immediately I told myself that I've seen that dress before just that I can't remember where I saw it or who designed the dress. This morning, Hanh of Life-In-Travel (Amazing woman with great style + mother of 2 !!) updated her blog with the exact dress Seo In Young was wearing! It got me really excited to get it posted!

While searching for a picture of the dress (but to no avail.), Victoria Beckham and Cheryl Cole was also seen in the dress! Which is probably why I find it so familiar since I'm a huge fan of Victoria Beckham and have been following her style.

Victoria Beckham was first seen wearing that dress which was from Azzedine Alaïa's Spring 2009 Collection on the 18th of April while shopping at The Grove. Beckham paired it with her usual Birkin, Louboutin Boots and a cardigan also from Alaïa (not in picture).

Cheryl Cole was seen wearing the dress on the 14th of September while leaving the Ivy Club. Cole paired the dress with Louis Vuitton Can-Can Heels with a leather jacket on hand. She left the zip opened from chest-up unlike Victoria Beckham and Seo In Young.

Seo In Young (서인영) wore the dress to Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) which was held last week on the 21st of November. She paired them with Alaïa Leopard Waist Belt and Alaïa Leather Lace-up Boots (about US$ 1.6K).

Seems like Seo In Young worn the belt opposite instead. But either way, it still looks great. She wore the Leopard Print version instead.

Alaïa's Leather Lace-up Boots which is also available in Suede material.

Hanh of Life-In-Travel in Alaïa's dress! She was playing dress-up imitating the style of Audrey Hepburn which I must say she looked amazing!

So finally, the big question. Who wore it better?

My pick is Victoria Beckham, not because I am a huge fan of her. But I love that she kept the look simple just like Cheryl Cole. But I hate those Louis Vuitton Can-Can heels, and I would not pair them with a leather jacket (like what CC did). Hanh comes in next!!.. totally love the look! But it's a little over the top with those gloves. Love that she paired it with YSL Tribute Two pumps instead of those Louboutins/LV (much prefer pumps!).

Lastly, Seo In Young.
1. Dislike the belt in Leopard print. It'll be better if she chose the two black belts above.
But best without the belt. The silhouette of the dress is amazing already!

2. With Seo In Young's height, she should wear a pump like Hanh so that she doesn't look short. Best with nude-pumps which enlogates the legs to look longer. (I thought Seo In Young couldn't do without her YSL Tribute Two which she wore on many occasions?)

Visit Hanh's post here!
Picture credits : Zigazig-ha, Life-In-Travel

Vogue Korea's Corpse Bride

Magazine: Vogue Korea December 2009
Editorial: Corpse Bride
Photographer: Zo Sun Hi
Model(s): Kim Min Hee (김민희), Lee Hyuk Soo (이혁수)

[Full Scans] I'm in love with Vogue Korea December. Its the "fantasy" issue with not just the Corpse Bride editorial, it also includes G-Dragon's Genie editorial and also "Disney" characters. I'm pulling strings trying to get it sent to me. Definitely a collector's issue for anyone who loves Fashion, Vogue and Korean Celebrities.


Park Bom wears Topshop to Mnet Asian Music Awards performance

2NE1 did a musical for the recent Mnet Asian Music Awards that was held on the 21st November. The girls walked the Red Carpet and also flaunted their amazing fashion sense through the musical.

Park Bom, the cute girl of the night wore an extremely cute dress with Ice Cream patterns for "You and I" performance. The dress designed by none other than the highstreet brand, Topshop! Which is one of their favourite brands besides Jeremy Scott.

Review : The dress might be too short for her, but she still carries it well. I like the fact that their stylists didn't over-accessorize the look and kept it simple. The dress definitely suits Bommie! What's your take?

Besides walking the Red Carpet and putting up a fabulous performance, the girls proof to us that they are the baddest females of Seoul City snagging 4 awards! Best Song of the Year, Best Music Video, Music Portal Mnet Award and the Rookie of the Year/Best New Female Artist. Congratulations!

Read allkpop for full list of the winners!
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Stay tuned for more MAMA Awards Fashion ID!

Happy Thanksgiving to those who are living in the States!

“Stand and Deliver”

Magazine: Twin F/W 2009
Editorial: “Stand and Deliver”
Photographer: Boo George
Model(s): Freja Beha Erichsen

Daul Kim IMed with a friend hours before her death

The Daily Beast reports that Daul Kim, who was found dead in her Paris apartment last week in an apparent suicide, instant-messaged with a close friend on the morning of Thursday, November 19, just hours before her death.

She was depressed, she wrote, according to a transcript of the chat seen by The Daily Beast. She and her boyfriend had just had another brutal physical fight. She’d punched him in the face; he’d yanked her hair. But she was afraid to leave him, afraid to suffer the agony of being apart. The last time they separated, she hadn’t been able to eat, dropping from 112 to 99 lbs. Her friend begged her to leave town, book a job, call her mother. No, she said. She’d miss her dog. She ended the conversation abruptly, saying she was going off to clean the house.

Hours later, her body was discovered by her boyfriend. This week, Kim's family closed her blog to the public and questioned whether her death was really a suicide. Concerns have been raised over how quickly French authorities came to this hypothesis.

Some are speculating about the effect her Korean background may have had on her emotional well-being. The Daily Beast continues:

“Daul was the face of Korea on a worldwide scale, and when someone represents Korea on that level, there is pressure,” says Joy Yoon, Kim’s friend and a fellow Korean. “Though Daul had an extremely bright future ahead of her, I don’t think she could cut loose from her background and the pressures of it. The loneliness she must have felt must have been suffocating. Did her agencies really have her best interests at heart? I know she wanted stability and somewhat of a normal life and even complained about it. Isn’t that a sign? A cry for help?”

The model is said to have left a suicide note.


Suffocated by Andrea Buso

Magazine: Numéro Korea December 2009
Editorial: Suffocated
Photographer: Andrea Buso
Model(s): Shin Min Ah (Actress)

Shin Min Ah (신민아) to me was never a great model.. probably still not.
She have been the face of many Ad Campaigns throughout the year, you can google that. To put it simply, she was boring to me. But Numéro Korea December proves me wrong. The team at Numéro turned her 360 degrees from the soft-girly girl image into someone "FIERCE"! With dark eye make up and attitude to complete the military-concept.

Additional images from the shoot :

Thank god the additional images weren't added. Else I would have thought there's a scar or something on her mouth thats why she used her hand to cover.. Maybe there really is, who knows?!


Tyen's Work

Magazine: Vogue Korea December 2009
Editorial: TYEN'S WORK
Photographer: TYEN
Model(s): Daul Kim, Han Hye Yeon, Eugenia Mandzhieva

Besides having Karlie Kloss on the cover and amazing amazing (!!) editorials of fantasy, Vogue Korea proves itself to be the must-buy magazine for the month of December, besides CeCi if you love Korean-Celebrities! Daul Kim, who just passed away last Thursday/Friday made her appearance in December's issue of Vogue Korea. Is it weird? Absolutely not. I'm sure she did many outstanding photoshoots/model jobs before her passing. So its time we celebrate her life as an amazing model and appreciate what she left for us.

Notice Daul wearing the similar jacket G-Dragon wore? Junya Wantanabe.