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G-Dragon gets sponsorship from Louis Vuitton

G-Dragon has become a hot issue also in the fashion field with his comeback. There are tons of inquiry calls to his stylist and YG Entertainment about clothing sponsorship. Louis Vuitton has decided to do a clothing sponsorship only for GD (no one else in Korea is sponsored by Louis Vuitton). They have promised to sponsor him with Kanye West's limited edition shoes collection with no request for a photo shoot that companies usually ask for when they sponsor celebrities. 'W' magazine that had G-Dragon's photo shoot, they started negotiating last winter.

Credits : Daum

Ha Ji-won wears Balmain at Mnet 20's Choice

Mnet 20's Choice was held on the 28 August 2009.
With the success of "Haeundae" (Korean Film), actress Ha Ji-won (하지원) claimed the award "Hot Female Movie Star". Rocking a military jacket from Balmain and boots from Alexander Wang. I definitely love the look! Whatever that is paired with Balmain Blazer looks good to me!.. well at least not with colored stockings/leggings like T-ara wore. Those Alexander Wang booties are so lust-worthy!! Her outfit cost at least USD$10,000.

Many may say its "Worst Dress" because of the shoulders but I personally love it alot.
It might be because people don't see it as high-fashion and just normal Red Carpet looks. I thought it was daring! I'm sure Koreans love Balmain alot! You'll know why soon!

Lee Ji Ah for Cosmopolitan

If you are like me catching the latest drama "Style", you'll know who this girl is.
"Style" is said to be Korea's "Devil Wears Prada". I've watched 4 episodes with english subtitles and it isn't bad. There's many things to look out for like Goyard's Notebook, Jimmy Choo heels, Balmain (like or not) outfits.. etc. Really interesting!

Lee Ji Ah the main actress in "Style" appears in September Issue of Cosmopolitan looking as chic as ever! Some of which are similar to the "Hollywood Celebrities Street Style" grabbing a cup of Starbucks. Interesting editorial, my favorite is the 'Starbucks'! Enjoy~

From Cosmopolitan Korea :

Credits : tjdkwkd@Naver, Cosmopolitan Korea

2NE1 OfficialPoker T-Shirts

With the often search of "2NE1 Poker Card Tshirts" YGEShop has finally update them with the tshirts that the girls wear! Its custom-made for the girls and now for pre-order which would be released on 2nd September.

Retails for 32,000 원 or USD$43.51 on YGEShop and DVDHeaven respectively.
To me, the price is really ridiculous for a plain tee with 2 poker cards and "2NE1" logo. If you really want but thinks its too pricey you can bring the image to a custom made tee shop and get it cheaper without the 2NE1 logo.. well I know true-2NE1 fans won't do that but its really pricey don't you think so? Probably its the material but its still ridiculously expensive!

Credits : YGEShop, DVDHeaven, Darainside

Daul Kim does Morroco

Downloaded CeCi's September scans today and there was Daul's editorial.
She have the column every month which is awesome, I love Daul! It was said in her "iliketoforkmyself" blog that she is currently doing the column in London for their 15th Anniversary! This girl is amazing!

She was first critizied for turning into blonde then again recently for nudity in i-D Magazine.
Its no surprise to me because Fashion in Paris/London etc.. have nudity. And its only normal that i-D has nudity. Because out of many covers, there were nudity involved. You can see/read from her blog that she's a tough girl and nothing can bring her down! She posted about the issue on her blog and makes me love that girl more. She is strong, she's the bad ass girl you wouldn't want to mess with. She kicks ass and she has got amazing friends like Yang Seung Ho, G-dragon, Lee Hyung Jung.. you don't want to mess with the cool kids. I dare say, she's the living example for people who are going into the industry and a role-model for many.

Credits : CeCi Magazine, Iliketoforkmyself@blogger

Jewelry StyleID by Eiffel In Seoul : #002

(I suddenly felt so stupid because the designer was written in the news post along with the photos!!) But I happened to chance upon the dress Seo In Young was wearing for the MV shooting for 'Vari2ty', Jewelry's new song. I was really attracted to the dress Seo In Young was wearing once I saw the teaser pictures for the MV. I have a thing for bold shoulders like I said before and this structured dress never got away with my eyes. Whats more interesting is the leopard print. The designer of the dress is Lie Sang Bong his collections are summarized in one word : Jaw-dropping. Will do a write up on the designer in the near future. Meanwhile, enjoy this. Its more than amazing! Whats more its Korean's Fashionista Seo In Young wearing them.

Seo In Young wore them with the very famous YSL Trib Two Tribute pumps which has been worn to death by many celebrities namely, Victoria Beckham, Paris Hilton, Christina Aguilera, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Heidi Klum and the list goes on forever (almost everyone of the A-listers own them). She wore the black patent leather pumps. It was sold out in an instant once on sale. I remembered falling deeply in love with them. Thats why I recognized them right away. They also come in Suede and Leather material with colors like Red, Dark Blue, Grey etc.. with sole of colors blue, yellow or plain. Retails for about USD$800.

Here's the video to 'Vari2ty' Music Video :

Credits : Lie Sang Bong, SMarie7@youtube, ONTD@LJCOMM

Park Bom wears Kokon To Zai

The photo was released along with the debut of their minialbum.
One of those in the photobook. Park Bom was wearing a dress by Kokon To Zai. Yes, I believe the stylist had a few Kokon To Zai pieces on their hand. This isn't the first time they were seen in Kokon To Zai. The dress is made of Stone Gems and Satin material. Retails for about €75-€200. Personally love the brand alot but not the dress. I wished the stylist didn't used those awful turquoise stockings/leggings. But overall, the dress is interesing.

Credits : Kokon To Zai, YG Entertainment, D. Projects

CL wears American Apparel to Inkigayo's performance #2

Another CL post on Bodysuit! Do stay tune to the next few post!
New 2NE1 stuff that will excite you. I'm sure!.. (Clue : Dress + Shoes[!!]) The designer of CL bodysuit is no other than American Apparel. The cost of the bodysuit is 26USD and you can purchase it at We see that 2NE1 stylist uses lots of American Apparel!.. other than topshop which is their favorite! Despite the short post, the upcoming post will sure make up to it! Including Jewelry's post! I'm so excited to post them. Once I get Vari2ty's MV in HQ, the post will be lined up!!

Credits : American Apparel, hq_twentyone@LJCOMM

Wild At Heart

Because the blog does not only cater to KCeleb fashion ID, I'm doing editorials post. Which I love! I have always love sharing editorials and they make up at least 25% of the magazine. Editorials are also the main reason why I always purchase the magazine. Eversince posting about 2NE1 and Jewelry, I've stopped posting editorials and that shouldn't be the way!.. so here it is! (Look out for upcoming 2NE1 and Jewelry post!)

I was doing what I usually do, browsing around K-Magazine sites and there I saw this fabulous editorial. I'm one who loves leather jackets, rocker chic look. So its not surprising I fell for it immediately. This is what I would say a "Perfect Editorial". Everything looks so "mouth-watering" to you if they were food. Every single item on the model is lust-worthy! I would this is the best editorial I've seen from Vogue Korea. The styling is so amazing, including the photography. Great job to the Vogue Korea team that was working on the editorial! You've won my heart for September. I hope you really enjoy the editorial because i'm in awe!

It will not do justice to the editorial looking at them small.
Have left thumbnails to direct them to larger images!

Credits : Vogue Korea