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Abbey Lee Kershaw for Vogue Nippon

Photographed by Terry Richardson for Vogue Nippon, July's issue sporting in leather outfits.
She plays the tough girl image! The one not to mess with. Love the editorial. Very Balmain-ish, very I love. Favorite? #8 and #11 Yes, the Balmain dress.

Credits : Fashionrouge via bwg

"Seo In Young’s Shopping Trip – Tokyo edition" Press Conference

Seo In Young in Rodarte Spring 2009

Singer Seo In Young (25) has released a new book ‘Seo In Young’s Shopping Trip – Tokyo edition’ on shopping know-how. She will be releasing a whole series of this new book, starting on her shopping experience in Japan, there are also plans for her to release books for shopping know-how in Singapore, New York and Seoul. The book will also teach ways where one can enjoy travelling and shopping in those places. Seo In Young will also introduce her favourite items from various shopping malls she visited in Tokyo – ranging from beauty items, fashion items, and also styling tips and make up methods.
Source : omonatheydidnt @LJCOMM

When I first saw the pictures on Youcapturedme, I immediately knew the dress was from Rodarte. I love Rodarte and has always been looking out for any celebrity wearing them or news of Rodarte. It's quite a shocker to see a Korean wear Rodarte but I'm really happy because not alot of celebrities even in Hollywood wear Rodarte. Definitely an eye-opener! In Young pairs them with thick-strapped sandals which I am not loving at all. This women owns a shoe collection that can probably open a few shoe stores yet she chose this.. But she still look awesome!

The dress does look good both on runway and on In Young. I'm glad she ditched those tights, it'll over accessorizing but In Young looks good in anything. Never underestimate In Young! She will wear those tights.. like how she did wearing slashed-tights on Jewelry (쥬얼리) Comeback stage at Mnet's Mcountdown, which can be easily search on Youtube.

Credits : Youcaptureme/Cyworld News (Images)

Anja Rubik for Gucci Pre-Fall

Gucci Pre-Fall 2009 Campaign by Inez & Vinoodh
Look as hot as usual, fierce as usual. I love this girl, she has the personality and she knows how to work infront of the camera. And I'm sure the camera loves this girl. Anja also has a great sense of style. My favorite is definitely the last one, the hair looks great and the pose is not usual. Do rate her fierceness.

Credits : Fashionrouge via TFS

Anna Sui for Target

The look book of Anna Sui's Target line has leaked! The line will be in stores and online September 13 through October 17. It consists of nineteen Gossip Girl’inspired looks. Target capitalizes on the Gossip Girl meme by grouping the looks in the look book by Gossip Girlcharacters. Blair's dresses come with high collars, two affixed with bows. Vanessa's dresses are all oddly orange and brown. Jenny's dresses are a confused mix of boho and schoolgirl partier. And Serena's outfits aren't nearly slutty enough! See all nineteen looks in the slideshow.

Source : NY Magazine Fashion

Anna Sui Does “Gossip Girl” For Target.
Are you still trying to ID the clothes that Blair Waldorf wore in Gossip Girl? Or trying to save up for the dress Serena van der Woodsen wore? Or have been trying to dress like them? Gone are the days with courtesy of Anna Sui! These collection definitely give vibes of Gossip Girl! Check them out now and get ready to save up before the launch date, September 13!

My favorite? 3, 4, 5, 8, 15, 17!

Source : NY Magazine Fashion (Images)

Still Summer #3

Yet another awesome editorial by Vogue Girl Korea.

They always does things right. The styling, the colours, the settings and bringing their readers the perfect mood. Those Dr Martens and Raybans with the lovely Topshop sneakers that I am lusting and thinking of getting.

On a side note, I believe everyone knows that Micheal Jackson, King of Pop passed away today. And we have seen him cross-dressing in Balmain, will do a short post about it soon ^^ Look forward to more Celebrity Street Style, Icons like 2NE1! Meanwhile, enjoy the post and do rate!

Credits : Vogue Girl Korea

Yoon Eun Hye in Marie Claire Korea

This few images are from Marie Claire, I'm sure its a few issues back but not too long ago.
*Notice the Louis Vuitton Stephen Sprouse graffiti leggings, sneakers and Gucci Iman Heels. Fabulous shoot! I love this! I can't believe I haven't blogged about it until now! Enjoy them, its so chic, so hip.

Credits : Marie Claire Korea

Sasha Pivovarova for Harper's Bazaar

Sasha Pivovarova for Harper's Bazaar November 2008 by Anthony Ward.

Those Chanel Gun shoes and YSL Trib Two Boots totally killed it, and Sasha's blonde hair. Sasha Fierce! Enjoy and rate them at the end of the post!

Credits : pivovarovafans via LJCOMM

Street Style

The only thing I dislike what's on the girl is the tube, revealing half of her body.It just looks incomplete (not conservative). But everything else rocked it, the gladiator shoe, the numerous accesories and definitely the hair. She killed it hands down! I'm so smitten by the Chanel Half-tinted sunglasses and the Maison Martin Margiela.

Nikki and Alex in Manhattan, pictured by Streetsightings.

#4 : The Power of Four

David Byun for shot 4 models for W Korea March Issue.
Namely Mariacarla Boscono, Kasia Struss, Agyness Deyn and Vlada Roslyakova.

Last post for this editorial : Kasia Struss!

Credits : Fashionrough via David Byun
Have been sourcing for things to post up here and I'm going nuts!~

Christopher Kane's Gorilla

Decided to do a Christopher Kane Gorilla post since Rihanna wore and another blogger wore it including one of Nylon's editorial with Kristen Stewart in Nylon Korea.

I was never smitten by Christopher Kane. Including the recent resort collection.
Like Rumi, Camille (I do love their styles) and many others.. it has become something "blogger". Something that every blogger would happen to like (similar to their style). It has become something mediocre to me. But its nice to see it on bloggers, celebrities than just on the runway.

Credits : Alantis Home, Style, Nylon Korea (own scans)

#3 : The Power of Four

David Byun for shot 4 models for W Korea March Issue.
Namely Mariacarla Boscono, Kasia Struss, Agyness Deyn and Vlada Roslyakova.

Post number three is Mariacarla Boscono!

Credits : Fashionrough via David Byun

Final post.. Kasia Struss, stay tuned!

Celebrity Street/Red Carpet Style (Hollywood) : 002

Almost end of week round up of celebrity street style.

More photos this week, 20 images? From CFDA awards, to attending charity events, airport-style to premiers.. pretty exciting week.

We all know Ms Foxx have been travelling around for the premier of Transformer and here are the few Red Carpet and what she wore :

Girl, although you're sexy you can't neglect nipple tapes. Thats unflattering.
I would give her 10점 만점에 10점 (10 points out of 10) if not for the nipples.

Megan Foxx redeemed herself in the next premier wearing a black v-neck high twist jersey Kaufman Franco gown. Love the make up and she did great on the accesories.

I fell in love with the dress immediately when I saw Rihanna wearing it.
Christopher Kane's Spring 2009 "Gorilla" dress. I first saw it on Seas of Shoes where Judy, Jane's mother wore another version and did not express much liking. But I really love this! Although I'm not a big fan of the animal, I love the dress and how it shines.

Rihanna was also wearing a leopard cape another day with thigh high boots which I also dig. Simple and chic rocker look. The gold necklace fits the look amazingly.

She was out and about again in a light blue shirt and jeans with boots which I hate. Only if those colorful stars were ditched, I would love the look.

Following news of Korean celebrities and Twitter, I got to know that Lady Gaga was in Korea!
And she's performing at Mnet's M countdown and interviewed by my favorite Korean Celebrity, Jae Beom. She wrote "I love Korea!" on her Twitter too. I hardly dig what Gaga is wearing but she's daring and she brought fashion into another higher level.

Insane? YES.
What do you call this outfit? Clown?.. I don't know.
I do not know of anyone wearing mesh jumpsuit with diamonds and a G-string. We all know Korea is a conservative country. I really wonder what K netizens are saying.

This was the outfit Lady Gaga wore at the airport.
I love it! Very unique prints, like those China antique vase print. Together with blonde hair, I really dig this. Mix of chinese culture with caucasian look.

Katy Perry in Paris, wearing an all black outfit with lace.
Bittersweet feeling towards the outfit, not sure whether I'm loving the lace or not. But Ms Perry sure has great style, rocking those raybans!

Lauren Conrad in West Hollywood for a photoshoot with Harper's Bazaar, wearing a jacket from Moschino’s Fall 2009 collection. Sorry I do feel she look like Chanelle Hayes (Victoria Beckham's impersonator) with the wig. Not loving those blue heels, I prefer the black pumps.

We see Lauren Conrad later the week travelling at JFK International Airport.
Carrying Goyard(s), always when travelling and a chanel handbag. Love it, chic. Hate the slippers.

We see her again for her book signing (L.A Candy) at the Grove.
In her usual style, Louboutins pumps, satin skirt, chanel bag and usual hairstyle.

Mena Suvari, honestly I never seen this girl before.
But I have always love this look. Blazer, black pumps, jeans. She should throw away the necklace, too much gold chains going on since her bag's handle is already in gold chains.

Mrs Pratt in Herve Leger with Louboutin shoes.
I never love sling-back, so I'll never go for the shoes. Madly in love with the dress. She should have opted for nude pumps.

Ashley Tisdale carrying a Prada, with ripped acid jeans and gladiator heels.
I love everything about this look. But this girl is trying to hard to look rocker chic.

Ashlee Simpson in boho head band, high-waisted flare jeans and completes the look with a Louis Vuitton on the arm. I love everything about this look. Confession : I love flare jeans/pants.

CFDA Awards :

Blake Lively on the Red Carpet in a stunning hot pink Michael Kors dress, completing the look with nude peep-toes which I am totally in love with.

Molly Sims in Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2009, Marilyn Monroe puff dress.
Love the dress, hate the hair. She did great accesorising the look. No to necklace and bangles because the dress is amazing enough to forgo the accesories!

Kristen Dunst in Rodarte Fall 2009 dress and Nicholas Kirkwood heels.
Love the dress, not the shoes nor the make up. She shouldn't go harsh on the eye makeup and should have chosen another color for the choice of shoe.

Sienna Miller arriving at Hoping's Got Talent Charity Fundraising event.
Love the whole look! Studded blazer! Insane shoes.

Camille Belle in Max Azria at 2009 Whitney Contemporaries Art Party And Auction.
One sentence : Ditch the necklace and change the colour of the shoes.

Thats about all, pretty massive post. Shall lighten up in the next few posts!
Stay tuned for more!

Credits : Images (Celebrity Gossip), ID of clothing (RedCarpetFashionAwards)